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Are you searching for a piece of equipment that is environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and good for physical fitness? Bicycles in Bhiwani are a popular mode of transportation and have been recreated as the best method all around the world. We provide you with bicycles in many different styles, our extensive range includes bikes for beginners and for experts. 

If you want your bicycle to be unique with added features, design, or size, we can customize them to fit an individual's needs. As the prime distributor, we provide personalisation service such as adding a child seat or cargo rack in Bhiwani.

Bicycle Supplier in Bhiwani

Lazer Extreme Technology is a company specializing in manufacturing, supplying, and importing bicycles. As the chief Bicycles Manufacturer in Bhiwani, we offer a wide range of bikes made with durable materials for different purposes such as commuting, racing, and going on an adventure trail. Due to the use of advanced technology to design and create, every single of our products are lightweight, durable, and easy to ride. We are the most trusted provider, our company has a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and support in Bhiwani

Bicycle Importer in Bhiwani

Lazer Extreme Technology is committed to promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, and our bicycles are a perfect way to achieve this. We are renowned for our after-sales service and warranty, we try our best to ensure customer satisfaction. With high-quality bicycles, Lazer Extreme Technology is a trusted name in the industry as the chief Bicycles Supplier in Bhiwani.

Apart from producing and supplying our own bicycles, we import bicycles and components to fulfill your requirement. We cater to all the customer’s bicycle requirements and provide you with the exact product as the Bicycles Importer in Bhiwani.

Cycles All Carbon Frame


Material CARBON
Model Name/Number LXT 007
Product Code CARBON 007
I Deal In New Only
Size 47 - 50 - 53
Colour Green

Lxt Cycles Entry Level


Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Brand LazerXTech
Size 47 - 50 - 52
Model Name/Number TOURAS
Country of Origin Made in India
Colour Black

Roller Skates

We are the best manufacturer of Roller Skate in Bhiwani and our wide assembly of products has had a game-changing effect on the minds and perceptions of people as far as products related to skating are concerned. Besides Roller Skates, we also provide Skating Accessories and Bicycle at fairly reason....

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Skating Accessories

We are one of the most highly coveted Skating Accessories in Bhiwani as we provide almost all types of skating equipment at fairly reasonable prices in most parts of India. Besides Skating Accessories, we also provide Roller Skates and Roller Hockey Sticks at fairly reasonable prices. Now, skating, ....

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Roller Hockey Sticks

We are one of the foremost manufacturers of Roller Hockey Sticks in Bhiwani and our reputation has just magnified since we have introduced this product in our amazing collection. Besides Roller Hockey Sticks, we also provide Roller Skates and Sports Goggles at fairly reasonable prices. Before gettin....

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Smart Watch

We are one of the most reputable distributors of Smart Watches in Bhiwani and Lazer Extreme Technology has been highly instrumental in providing amazing quality of smart watches to customers. Besides smart watch, we also provide top class Sports Goggle and Roller Skates at fairly reasonable prices. ....

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Sports Goggles

We manufacture high class Sports Goggles in Bhiwani and they are useful for imparting a style statement as well as for protecting the eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Besides Sports Goggles, we also provide Bicycle and Roller Skates at fairly reasonable prices. Often, while watching cricket....

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Frequently Asked Questions
How Regularly Should You Change Your Skating Wheels?

Generally, skate wheels have a long life if you use them for an average duration of 4-5 hours per day. Further, these wheels are good for usage for at least a month and after that you can replace them with new wheels.
Are Skate Accessories products available and ready for delivery in India?

Yes, the skate accessories can be delivered to all the cities in India and outside India as well. These products can be delivered without any hassle or hurdles of shipping, customs or duties.
Is wearing helmets important for skaters?

In the early days of skating, when it was just seen as a leisurely activity, the helmets were not worn commonly by the skaters. But, slowly with the evolution of awareness due to the rising number of injuries during skating, the need for wearing a helmet has grown to enhance the protection of the head.
What are the benefits of Inline Skating?

Inline skating is extremely effective as a workout if done properly and there are several advantages of this skating which include its ability to burn calories, reduction in wear and tear on your bones and joints, and also facilitates balance and coordination.
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