Skating Protective Guards in Bhilai

Skating Protective Guards Manufacture in Bhilai

Protective guards are a very essential piece of equipment designed to protect the skater from injuries caused by falls or collisions. We provide you with Skating Protective Guards in Bhilai that are typically worn on the elbows, knees, and wrists. We manufacture protective guards with durable materials that can withstand the impact of a fall.

Our professionals design every type of protective gear comfortable and flexible, allowing the skater to move freely. We believe that wearing skating protective guards can significantly reduce the risk of injury while skating in Bhilai

Skating Protective Guards Supplier in Bhilai

Our protection guards are made with high-quality materials such as hard plastic, foam and come with a number of features such as adjustable straps, ventilation system, and flexible design for optimal fit and comfort. We have been catering to all the customers' requirements and fulfilling the need of protective gear as the chief Skating Protective Guards Manufacturer in Bhilai. Our collection of products include protective guards for inline skating, roller skating, skateboarding, ice skating, and other action sports. Lazer Extreme Technology has a reputation for producing high-quality products that are both durable and stylish in Bhilai.

Skating Protective Guards Importer in Bhilai

It is highly recommended and mandatory for every skater to wear protective gear while participating in the sport. Furthermore, Lazer Extreme Technology also offers a wide range of protective guards for other action sports such as cycling, and BMX. We are the chief Skating Protective Guards Supplier in Bhilai supplying guards that are designed to provide maximum protection and come with features like ventilation system, adjustable straps, and flexible design.

Apart from being a manufacturer and a supplier, we are the leading Skating Protective Guards Importer in Bhilai. We offer a wide range of products, including elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards, and more. With products from Lazer Extreme Technology, skaters can enjoy their sport with peace of mind knowing they are protected.

Ezeefit Anti Blister Guard

Product Specification

Minimum Order Quantity 1 pair
Gender Unisex

Blister solution.
Create a Friction barrier 

3 Lenses Sunglass


Style Sports
Brand LXT
Color White, Fluorescent & Black Frame
Age Group All age group
I Deal In New Only
Packaging Size Box
Occasion Regular
UV protection 100% harmful UVA & UVB
Lens Type Anti-UV 400
Glass Color Grey, transperant, yellow
Gender Unisex
Frame Color White, Fluroscent & Black

Our rich industrial experience backed by modern and well-developed infrastructure facilities allows us to meet the varied skating accessories requirements of our clients. We offer Quad Skates Packages, Inline Skates Wheel, Skate Boot, Inline Skate Frames, Skate Bearings, Skin Suits, Skate Bags, Skate Accessories, Ionic Flux Black Bearing Oil, Collagen Peptide, Hydration Product, Inline Hockey Sticks, Cycling Helmet, Allen Key With Bearing Puller, Inline Skates Shoes and Plastic Skateboards. We have appointed a team of experienced professionals, who help us provide customized range of above-mentioned products as per the specific requirements of our clients. LXT has a factory in Pune, continues to grow not just in Asia but worldwide. Invites you to try the technical garments that are creatively crafted for cycling, triathlon, and in-line skating.

3 interchangable lenses - All lenses are anti-UV400 protection coating giving a complete protection to the eyes. The lenses can block 100% harmfull UVA & UVB rays of the strong sunlight. The main colourfull lense is cool for outdoor sports. It comnes with 3 extra lenses, you can change them as needed. It is very convinent and simple to change the lenses.

Super lightweight & durable - Lightweight design is ideal for usage by speed skating, cycling running and any other speed sports. Our lenses are made by the polycorbonate and are scratch resistance, durable and unbreakable. They restore true colour and give you a clear sight.

Soft rubber nose pad - Nose pad made of soft silicon can fill your nose well. It will stay in place and will not slip when you are cycling or running. Just enjoy sports without any worry.

Polarised UV 400 Protection - Different lenses has different features. The grey lense is polarised lense is perfect for speed skating, cycling, running or biking in sunny day. The transperent lense is anti-fogging, suitable foe skating, running or biking in fog. We have added another waterproof coating on the main lenses, you can wear it even in the rain and water on the glasses won't block your vision. The yellow lense is the choice for night cycling, it increases the brightness in the dark.

TR 90 material frame - Our poloraised sunglasses use to TR90 frames, TR90 frames are well known for their astounding strength, light weight comfort, shape integrity, and impact resistance. Frame for myopia lense. 

High Impact Knee And Elbow Protection Guards


Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Sport All sports
Color Blue ,Red
Usage/Application Sports
Size Small,Medium,Large

High Impact Protection Guard set



Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Color RED

Padded Head Guard
Adjustable strap
For begineers safty protection

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Frequently Asked Questions
How Regularly Should You Change Your Skating Wheels?

Generally, skate wheels have a long life if you use them for an average duration of 4-5 hours per day. Further, these wheels are good for usage for at least a month and after that you can replace them with new wheels.
Are Skate Accessories products available and ready for delivery in India?

Yes, the skate accessories can be delivered to all the cities in India and outside India as well. These products can be delivered without any hassle or hurdles of shipping, customs or duties.
Is wearing helmets important for skaters?

In the early days of skating, when it was just seen as a leisurely activity, the helmets were not worn commonly by the skaters. But, slowly with the evolution of awareness due to the rising number of injuries during skating, the need for wearing a helmet has grown to enhance the protection of the head.
What are the benefits of Inline Skating?

Inline skating is extremely effective as a workout if done properly and there are several advantages of this skating which include its ability to burn calories, reduction in wear and tear on your bones and joints, and also facilitates balance and coordination.
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